Scope and Method

ARCH 401 Architectural Design Studio V is a non-exam course (Article 24/2 of university’s regulation); therefor grading is made according to the work performed by the student during the term. The term is divided into stages, each one comprising a different phase of the project. The development of the project is monitored through panel critics. Students have to present their work to the panel in order to get a grade for each stage.


The method and the process used in the formation of the project are considered to be more important than the project presented to the final jury. Therefore, students are expected to be present at the studio, present their work to the panel and participate to discussions during studio hours. Class hours are essentially used for criticizing the work achieved by the students at home and not for drawing projects. Preliminary and final juries are not exams, but they are activities where the progress of students’ work are followed and discussed, their mastery to the project, and their oral/graphic presentations are evaluated. Grades received from quizzes and sketch designs that can be done during the term will be added to the final grade as a bonus.



The site plan is here.

Building use classification is here.

Program of requirements is here!